Indonesia Capital Market Student Studies (ICMSS) is the biggest and the oldest annual international capital market event in Indonesia that is held by undergraduate students. ICMSS aims to empower the public, especially college students, in stepping into the world of capital market through its three main events: International Equity Research Conference, Capital Market Seminar, and Investment Training. With the support of its partners, namely Indonesia Stock Exchange and CFA Society Indonesia, ICMSS has been improving over time and is now entering its 20th year.



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Indonesia Capital Market Student Studies (ICMSS), which supports education and training with a vision of becoming an international capital market learning center for students, is an annual event held by MSS FEB UI. Currently, the society in general shows lack of faith in the potential of Indonesia’s capital market even though it is instrumental in supporting the growth of Indonesian economy. To address this particular issue, ICMSS offers a solution of education through its international conference, seminar, and training as ICMSS strives to educate, generate, and stimulate young investor to invest in capital markets. Therefore, I highly recommend the 20th ICMSS as an educative event that gives thorough comprehension about Indonesia’s capital market in order to encourage students, professionals, and the society in general to invest in the capital markets.

Beta Yulianita Gitaharie, S.E., M.E.

Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business
Universitas Indonesia

Indonesia is an economy with abundant amount of potential; nevertheless, to realize fully its potential, we need to deepen the financial system significantly, including the capital markets. To allow for financial deepening, capital market education in Indonesia is absolutely critical. Not only to increase the number but also the quality of domestic investors, which is still relatively low compared to other countries. As an association of investment and capital markets professional community, The Indonesia Chapter of CFA Institute feels obliged to take lead in promoting continued Education for the future investment profession globally by promoting the highest standard of knowledge, education as well as ethic and integrity for the ultimate benefit of society.

CFA Institute, particularly the Indonesian Chapter is very keen to become part of initiatives to help students in developing the knowledge, professional development, and be able to connect and network better with the capital market industry. We really believe that Students are the future of our professions and we need to start early in developing our profession by better collaboration between the institute and the academic world. For over a decade, Indonesia Capital Market Students Studies (ICMSS) has been imperative in educating students, academicians, professionals and general public to understand capital market. As thus, being in line with CFA mission and vision, CFA Society Indonesia support The 20th ICMSS and encourages all parties to participate in this magnificent event.


Pahala Mansury
President of CFA Society Indonesia

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