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Pakuwon Nusantara: IKN Superblock Project Elevation

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inaugurates the construction of the Superblock Project owned by PT Pakuwon Jati Tbk in the IbuKota Nusantara (IKN) domain. This Superblock Project will encompass various facilities, such as shopping centers, condominiums, and hotels—Hotel Tribute Portfolio by Mariott, Hotel Westin, and Ballroom. The formal commencement of the Groundbreaking Pakuwon Nusantara was announced by Joko Widodo, as disclosed in the assertion released by the Presidential Secretariat (11/01). Moreover, this mega-project is located in the government center (KIPP) with an exceptional amount of Rp5 trillion investment. The Pakuwon Nusantara Superblok proposition is located on a 7.2-hectare terrain plot in the National Axis Area, facing the landmark known as the 'Zero Point' monument. Other enlargements consist of VVIP Nusantara Capital Airport, a hospital, and a toll road access to IKN, which can be set foot in just 45 to 50 minutes with toll road access from Balikpapan and is being constructed by the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing. The construction progress of the toll road has reached 55 percent, accompanied by three separate lanes. IKN VVIP Airport, which has consumed a budget of Rp4,2 trillion for construction, will be done shortly and ready to operate optimally by June 2024.

The President and Director of PT Pakuwon Nusantara Abadi, Eiffel Tedja, expresses the firm's optimism regarding the IKN superblock project. The envisioned superblock development within IKN, encompassing a shopping center, condominium, and three hotels, is poised to deliver substantial and enduring financial gains. Collaborating with the acclaimed architect Airmas, PT Pakuwon Nusantara Abadi is gearing up to initiate the construction of this monumental undertaking. The project's construction concept will incorporate peaceful natural settings and lush green areas to mix with the metropolitan cityscape harmoniously. President Jokowi shares this enthusiasm and goes a step further, advocating for the prioritization of local investments, demonstrating a commitment to fostering homegrown economic growth. The development of the Pakuwon Nusantara superblock is a strategic initiative aimed at expanding Pakuwon's sustainable income-based and geographic diversification. Through a partnership with the Marriott International group, the Pakuwon Nusantara project will include constructing the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel. This will be followed by developing a shopping center, Tribute Portfolio by Marriott Hotel, Westin Hotel, and a ballroom facility. This substantial investment is not just a testament to PT Pakuwon Nusantara Abadi's dedication but also a shining example of how the private sector can actively contribute to equitable development within Indonesia. As the construction begins, it is poised to set off a ripple effect, propelling the region into an era of transformation and progress.

In addition to its financial potential, the project presents a plethora of advantages. Among these, a notable benefit lies in the opportunity for partnerships with globally recognized brands like Marriott International and Four Points by Sheraton. Collaboration with such brands shares tremendous impact regarding the quality and standard of facilities built in IKN. It also will cultivate both local and international interest to visit IKN. The initiative of the development project held by Pakuwon has brought them President Jokowi’s appreciation. The project had a huge impact on economic development and encouraged more domestic investments, which potentially would lead to prosperity. Moreover, this project would only be the start of more projects in the future. President Jokowi stated on Wednesday (1/11) that approximately there will be 8 to 9 similar project plans in the future. The plans also indicate growth and developments in the new capital city. The complete facilities that the project offers will surely bring and attract many tourists, residents, and business owners to be part of the IKN. The project expects to increase the quality of life on IKN while providing convenience and accessibility to various available services. The construction of similar projects will also improve infrastructure development on the IKN and contribute to the growth of the new capital city, along with Indonesia’s long-term development plan.


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