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Indonesia's Market Resilience Part 2

Who would have thought Indonesia would experience a can of worms this year after a first year of negative investment growth since President Joko Widodo came to power in 2014?

Big political year, US-China tensions, Fed rate hikes are several from handful matters in Indonesia’s hand this year. All we need to do is nothing more than to find a way out from those issues. If people think the ongoing trade war between the U.S and China will crack down Indonesia’s economy this year, they might be inaccurate. Otherwise the war has opened up new opportunities for Indonesia, the Southeast Asian nation's minister of industry said in January 2019. The dispute between the world's two largest economies would push companies to speed up plans to move parts of their supply chains from China to countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. Luckily, Indonesia has seen the shift happening.

Numerous company producing textiles and footwear have explored the opportunity to move from China to Indonesia. The Southeast Asian country has also been exporting more steel to the U.S. despite U.S. President Donald Trump imposing additional tariffs on steel and aluminum imports in March last year. Consequently, Indonesia exports of iron and steel jumped 87.7 percent to the U.S in January through November last year according to data